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Decentralized Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials

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Trusted & Transparent world of

Verifiable Credentials

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Turning Decentralized Digital Identity into “Trusted Currency” for the Digital World.

Entrustient was founded on the belief that there’s a better way to ensure the visibility of an individual’s identity, is aligned to the ownership of their life-long digital footprint. This is done, by utilizing a network of secured, public permissioned and redundant decentralized blockchain networks, to establish a trusted decentralized digital identity peer-to-peer ecosystem, which brings human trust from the offline physical world to the online digital world. Our No Code solution for Self-Sovereign Identity, is fully automated and configurable, for instant onboarding to our redundant identity blockchain networks.

Entrustient, where Decentralized Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials as a Service (DDIVCaaS), are fully automated and simplified.

"...individuals would be able to maintain their identities across platforms and geographical locations."

-Christopher Allen,
Blockchain & Decentralized Identity Evangelist

Our "Identity and Privacy First" approach, brings in a layer of interoperability that enables "Identity of Everything" – for any type of records, credentials, and all valued assets by using the open standards of public permission blockchains, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to onboard, issue, share and verify identify of records across Official Government, Education, Future of Work, Civic, Travel, Health, Financial Services and more.

Empowered to own, manage, control, and share your Verifiable Credentials that are instantaneously verifiable, and authenticated by anyone around the world.

As a result, the Entrustient platform provides a resilient and cost-effective No Code scalable solution, that enables the instant ownership and portability of anyone's Verifiable Credentials, for secure verification and authentication by third parties, anytime, anywhere on demand.

Trusted Verifiable Credentials

Credential Issuer

Digitally signs proof of authenticity and publishes Verified Credential to Credential Owner.

Credential Owner

Manages, controls and shares their Verified Credentials in presenting instantaneous proof to Verifiers.

Credential Verifier

Requests proof of authenticity and verifies that Credential Issuer's attestations can be relied upon.

ENTRUSTIENT CREDENTIAL * ISSUER CREDENTIAL * OWNER CREDENTIAL VERIFIER Onboards Issues Share pieces or all of credential Verifiable Credentials Creates & DefinesSchema Stores DID Pair forendorser - holder Creates DID pair forsteward - endorser Valid Issuer's signature Share only specific details or the whole credential Shares Zero Knowledge ’Proofs' Valid channel signature betweenIssuer and Owner Valid Owner's Signature Credential is not revoked Credential information consensusreceived from two public ledgers Credential is valid Proof Presentation Issues Entrusted ID Verifiable Credentials Verifiable Credential Entrusted Ledger Pool Maintain identifier & Schemas All trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective owners. *With the Entrustient platform, both Credential Issuers and Credential Owner are required to conduct a KYC during the onboarding process, to establish a trusted peer-to-peer echo-system.

Ecosystem Affliliation

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