Self Sovereign Identity TRUST network

Entrustient focuses on an “Identity first approach” of decentralized identity as defined by Hyperledger Indy, by being a “Trusted Node Operators” of the Self Sovereign Identity Networks of Sovrin and Indicio, to create “Trusted Endorsers” with DIDs or decentralized Identities for each client. This results in users fully having control of their identity, credentials, verification and revocation of credentials. The Entrustient platform provides a Trusted Identity ecosystem that addresses the key challenges of identity management, while adhering to W3C and Open Interoperability Standards.

Entrustient has also implemented, the industry-first highly redundant Public Permissioned Blockchain ledger pool, with 3 layers of public/private ledger verification of records to achieve higher redundancy and “Fault Tolerance” of  our platform. The result, a highly redundant and consensus-driven Validator Nodes to ensure complete consistency, reliability, accuracy, security and scalability - anytime, anywhere on demand.

Guiding principles of Self Sovereign Identity:

Self-sovereign identity entrusts an individual with ownership and control of their identity without interventions by centralized authorities, while also allowing the digital wallet owner to: store, manage, share, revoke and authenticate identity data and third-party credentials in a secure and privacy-preserving manner.


Every individual should have an identity from birth to death.


Users have the ultimate authority of their identity and can manage, control, share and revoke it anytime.


Users should be able to access their identities and data without restriction at all times.


Decentralized identity governance with transparent open protocol standards.


The identity should last forever, or at least for as long as the user wishes.


Identity credentials and attestations must be transportable from one platform to another.


Identities should be as widely usable as possible through open standards.


Users must give explicit permission for another entity to access and/or utilize their data.


A user should have the ability to share only the least possible amount of data necessary, to accomplish the task at hand.


Users’ rights to privacy must always come first, and be protected.


Verification of the credential data validity, on more than one public ledger to ensure complete authenticity, reliability, and consistency of proof presentation.

Trusted Identity

All identities of the Credential Issuers and Owners, need to be verified before onboarding and Digital Wallet creation.


Entrustient was founded on the belief that there’s a better way to ensure the visibility of an individual’s identity, is aligned to the ownership of their life-long digital footprint. And to accomplish that mission, we’ve assembled a talented team of subject matter experts in identity verification, blockchain, scalable architectures, strategy, legal, compliance and product innovation.

Our team’s experiences range from engineering disruptive and complex technologies in start-ups, investment banking, government agencies, to enterprise-level technology delivery and product development in organizations like: Department of Defense, Social Services Administration, United Nations, Accenture, KPMG, GE Capital, Credit Suisse, Amazon, IBM and Verizon to lead the pace in industry innovations.

Entrustient Team